how to install wordpress on hostgator

How to Install WordPress on HostGator

If you’re trying to figure out how to install WordPress on HostGator, don’t worry. HostGator has made this process very simple, straightforward, and best of all – fast. There are two ways to install WordPress on HostGator – with Quick Install and manually. We’re going to touch on both but focus on the Quick Install as this is the best option for most users.. But first, let’s answer a couple quick common questions about installing WordPress on HostGator.

Is WordPress Free With HostGator?

Yes! WordPress is open source (free) software that is available to anyone from Anyone can download and install WordPress on any site. HostGator has made this process very easy with their Quick Install function. This will do all the hard work and install the most up to date version of WordPress on your site.

How Long Does it Take to Install WordPress on HostGator?

Typically it only takes a few minutes to install WordPress on HostGator when using the Quick Install functionality. It is always a good idea to give yourself some extra time so you don’t end up rushing through things. While the process should take 5 minutes or less, you should block off 20 or 30 minutes so that you aren’t rushed.

Is HostGator Good for WordPress

HostGator is a reliable host which provides cost effective WordPress hosting. They have hosting plans and VPS plans which work well for many types of sites including WordPress as well as managed WordPress hosting which is optimized specifically for WordPress.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator with Quick Install

HostGator has made it easy to install a wide selection of software – including WordPress – with their Quick Install software.

Get started by either clicking the “install WordPress” link on the dashboard, or the Quick Install icon in the control panel

How to Install WordPress on HostGator with Quick Install
If your dashboard has the “Install WordPress” link featured on the homepage, you can click there to get started.

If you don’t have a link to “Install WordPress” on your dashboard, you can get started by launching the Quick Install in the Control Panel.

Select quick install to install wordpress
Alternatively you can click the quick install logo shown above in the Control Panel.

On the next screen choose “WordPress” to start your installation.

Quick install - select WordPress
On the next screen choose “WordPress”. You can choose “One-Click Installs” but you’ll have to select WordPress on the next screen.

Regardless of the path you took, you should be starting HostGator’s WordPress installation process. The first step is to choose which site you’ll install WordPress on (Note: If you did not register your domain through HostGator, you’ll need to add the domain as an “Addon Domain” in CPanel before you can install WordPress).

  • If you select a domain and leave the directory box empty, WordPress will be installed “on the root” or at the homepage (ex: This is what you want to do if you want WordPress to power your entire site.
  • If you want to put WordPress in a directory or folder (ex: /blog, /news, /articles, etc), specify the name of the directory you would like WordPress installed in. This is typically used if you are using WordPress to power a blog outside of your main site.

Next you will need to fill in the details for your site and hit install:

  • Blog Title – This is typically your site name
  • Admin User – The username you will create an account for and sign in with
  • First Name / Last Name – Your first and last name for your user profile
  • Admin Email – The email account associated with this site. The autogenerated password for your account will be emailed to this email address so make sure you have access to the email.

Once you fill out the information above (and agree the the terms of service agreement) you can click install and HostGator will do all the heavy lifting for you. When the installation is finished, your admin email will receive an email with the login details.

How to Manually Install WordPress on HostGator

WordPress can be manually installed if you are having issues with the Quick Install app. This is not recommended for most users as it requires, creating a mysql database and user, configuring wp-config.php file, and manually running the installation script. It also takes significantly more time. If you’re up for the challenge, you can learn more about the process here.